Amafood – Food free from Gluten, Sugar, Lactose


The first granola was made in 1863 in the USA. It started being produced as healthy food in the 1970s, when nuts, seeds and fruit were added. Because of its composition and preparation, granola is richer than muesli as it is slightly baked, whereas muesli is raw food. 

Granola is perfect for composite meals containing products of plant or animal origin, such as yogurt, milk, kefir, protein shakes, tea, juice and the like. It is also a tasty snack and can be used with desserts.


Our principle is to use high quality ingredients, which serve as the foundation. Amafood granola is not a coincidence; it was created deliberately, with passion and without compromise. We strive to create healthy food, to create food with a sophisticated taste. With our passion, harmony of health and flavor, and amachip, Amafood granola fulfills our commitment and marks the beginning of the road to perfection.

A careful selection of INGREDIENTS

Quick and SIMPLE

Add milk or Greek yogurt to 30 g of Granola. This provides the body with necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals. A balanced and wholesome meal will satisfy your hunger for a longer period of time and prevent sudden bouts of hunger. Granola can also be eaten as a snack.

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