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Granola and tasty home-made almond milk

A tasty and nutritious snack helps us boost the morale when we are having a bad day. At such a time we could use a meal of granola with tasty almond or hazelnut milk. In most well-stocked stores you can find almond, hazelnut, soya or rice milk. Yet, all these seem to have one thing in common – they contain a lot of sugar. It is best to prepare almond milk at home.

 You can soften almonds by soaking them in water overnight. When they are soft enough, drain the water and put them in a food processor. Add a small amount of water, so that you can mix it into a paste-like mixture. If necessary, stop mixing and scrape the larger bits off the edges. After a few minutes when the paste-like mixture turns into a smooth mass, you can add more water. Stir the mixture and optionally add cinnamon or vanilla.

Use a muslin bag or a strainer covered with gauze to drain the almond milk. Squeeze the bag or the gauze to get the last drops of the delicious almond aroma. Store the milk in the fridge in a glass bottle for a maximum of three days.


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