Food with right vibrations


The technology of informing food with amachips has helped us give food the right vibrations – to make food exactly as it was over a hundred years ago. The packaging of our food includes an amachip with a code, which is composed of carefully selected universal information (over 30 years of research and development). This information includes protection and general welfare for people living in harmony with nature as well as amafood information that give the food a healing and beneficent power. This information is transferred to the chip through the cloudbuster (invented by Dr Wilchelm Reich) in the form of symbols, numerical codes, colors and signs.

Information in the AMACHIP

The amachip transfers its inherent information to the food, thus increasing the energy level and vibration of the food molecules. The enhanced molecules also increase the vibration and energy level of the body cells; the organism can then absorb the food more efficiently, which directly improves health and well-being.

How is food with the right VIBRATIONS created

During production and transport, the ingredient receives positive information, such as solar energy, water and minerals, as well as negative information coming from polluted air, acid rain, different pests, harvesting machines, transport machines, means of transport etc.


Before production begins, ingredients are informed in the process of storing food in containers with amachips. From production to the packaging of food, ingredients are informed with amachips and protected with special security codes, which are found in all our machines and devices, including all surfaces where direct and indirect contact with the foodstuff takes place. The air, water and light in our facilities are also informed. Printed on the packaging is the amachip that ensures the food will find its way to the end user unharmed and with the right vibrations.


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