Amafood – Food free from Gluten, Sugar, Lactose

Very simple.

Every food is of the highest quality at its source, in the place where it grows, where it is “informed” only by the sun, water and soil.
Such food has an ORIGINAL VIBRATION.

 Food in the means of vibration is badly affected by:
– collection, transport, storage and processing;
– barcode reading on the packaging of the finished product in the store.

The vibration code protects our food from bad influences and restores its original vibration.

Our external collaborator, who has been a great inventor, innovator and researcher in this field for more than 30 years, has created such code record especially for us. The vibration code is made with the help of an orgone cannon (inventor Dr. Wilchelm Reich) and carries within itself information of the Universe with the correct placement of symbols, numerical codes and colors.

Food is informed by a new vibration the moment it comes into contact with the vibration code (via packaging, machinery, …).

Throughout the entire production process our food is “informed” with a vibration code from the moment the ingredients arrive in our company and all the way to the final product, since all our machines, devices and utensils are informed.

Our products are packaged in informed packaging, which ensures higher quality of our food.

At the moment, this is the best we know …

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