Amafood – Food free from Gluten, Sugar, Lactose


It all started 5 years ago in our home kitchen, when I wanted for the sake of health and well-being change my way of eating.
Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I wanted to start the new day with healthy muesli or granola. On the market I could not find a product that would satisfy all my desires and needs, so I started researching raw materials and recipes for a product that would consist exclusively of the best healthy and natural ingredients. I wanted to create something best for myself and my loved ones, so I combined 20 years of experience in beverage and food sales through vending machines as well as in food preparation, a strong will, my own experiences and proven special recipes to finally create my first granola. I named it AMA and this is how our brand AMAFOOD was made.

With the help of established nutrition experts and nutritionists we are now creating for you healthy food of the highest quality.

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